Top 3 STEM jobs in Canada from India in 2024


Canada has become the No.1 place for providing people with the right platform for their career takeoff. And that is not it, they even give you a chance for permanent residence so that you can bring along your family members as well. 

This is why many immigrants choose this nation above others owing to its multicultural diversity. More than 485,000 of them were invited to their Immigration Levels Plan of 2024. By the year 2025 and 2026, this number shall swell up to 500,000. 

Much of the concentration has been put on the IT and healthcare sectors along with STEM occupations. After all Canadian employers need workers with the right skills and experience in their field for hiring them for jobs in Canada from India

But even with the housing crisis and transportation issues, the nation is working on building more houses as immigration shall never end. But Canada is slowly coping since they have to balance the labour demand with the supply to strike a balance. 

Many of those who are from overseas are interested in what are in the in-demand professions they can apply in. This is exactly why the popular express draws are targeting STEM-based occupations. 

What STEM means is jobs related to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. To be qualified for a Canada PR visa you need to have a job in either of these subjects which come within the STEM list.

Why the preference for STEM occupations in Canada? 

We all know how Canada is experiencing a gap in their labour market because of the ageing and retirement of the workforce. During the fourth quarter of 2022, there were 56,915 job openings across all the provinces. 

STEM jobs in Canada from India offer higher pay than the others, which is why it has brighter prospects than the others. 

How do you know you are qualified for STEM occupations?

  1. You need to pass the eligibility test or criteria for one of the immigration programs under the Express Entry. 
  1. In the last three years, you need a minimum of 6 months of constant work experience in one of the jobs which is listed. This can be especially true when you are applying for PNP for example the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program
  1. Obey all the other conditions in the instructions for the round. 

Which are the top 5 STEM jobs in Canada from India for 2024? 

  1. Data scientists – This is also one of the highest-paying jobs that you will find across Canada. Their presence is needed to analyze the data to identify patterns and trends. From machine learning, and artificial intelligence to programming, you need Data scientists. 

After all, the government is making a good level of investment in fields of innovation and technology. They can have jobs in many fields like cybersecurity, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare, education and manufacturing. 

Most of their demand is in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. 

Paid as Average per annum: $135,400 per year 

  1. Civil Engineers – Without them any building or construction remains incomplete. And, as we know Canada is hosting more immigrants through FSWP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. 

Most of the international civil engineers coming to work here are regulated by Engineers Canada. Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec are some provinces that have increased their job postings for Civil engineers. 

Want this STEM job in Canada? Just complete your bachelor’s in civil engineering or even a Master’s or Doctoral degree in related engineering subject. Even licensing and certification from certified bodies are mandatory. Your license will differ as per the provincial or territorial association you apply. 

Paid as Average per annum: $112,123 per year 

  1. Web Developer – With so much data being produced along with websites being launched someone needs to take care of its development. This is where the demand for web developers arises. 

Canadian provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta have the maximum need for web developers. This can even be seen in their postings on the Canada Job Bank. A computer science and programming bachelor’s degree is needed to become a web developer. 

Work experience as a computer programmer is also one of the main needs of a web developer. 

Paid as Average per annum: $74,396 per year 


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