Check Canada PR eligibility for Cardiologists in 2024


Are you in healthcare and wondering if Canada has any prospects for you? Just knock on the door of PR and you have so many jobs in health care for you to explore. One of the top-paid professions apart from nursing is cardiology. 

For an immigrant to get the best returns on their job, they need to check your eligibility for Canada PR. Even an employer puts their faith and investment in such an employee. They know for sure that you have an intention to settle in Canada for the long term. 

Do we, not all want our own homes and the job of our choice? And, for cardiologists, it gets easier because of their demand. If you are regulated, then you can even ask for a higher salary. 

Does Canada need Cardiologists in 2024? 

Why would they not, when heart disease is at an all-time high? Everyday stress and erratic habits of eating, puts the heart at risk. Which is why Canada cannot do without the services of a cardiologist. 

This gap was felt more during the COVID pandemic when they needed cardiologists to operate on patients. From heart transplants to failure all of the issues related to the heart are operated on by these medical professionals. 

Mostly the nation demands cardiologists who can work with the transformative technology. The advent of technology is helping with all the complex detections and operations in a smooth way. British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan are provinces with a good outlook for cardiologists. 

The number of immigrants who will seek jobs and the openings for them is a total of 29,800 and 24,000. Till ten years this is the projected number as decided by the Job bank especially between years of 2021 to 2032. 

With people leaving jobs, due to retirement, there are vacancies open for newcomers. Indians who work as cardiologists in Canada earn way more than other medical professions, They are placed at the top of the job pool. 

Cardiologist’s eligibility for Canada PR visa 

Be it express entry or a nominee program like PNP Saskatchewan you cannot escape the requirements of eligibility. 

1)Usually, you need a bachelor’s degree but in Quebec, you need to finish 1 year of pre-medicine university studies.

2) Hold a graduation from a medical school which is certified.

3) Pass a Certain kind of certifying exams. These are carried out by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

4) Medical license from a province where you wish to practice as a cardiologist

5) Secure an educational credential assessment report to verify your overseas credentials. That is how you can claim points for the education factor. You can get your report from

6) Upon becoming a permanent resident, a cardiologist can finish their tests and training. Upon its completion, they get their Licentiate from the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

7) 4 to 5 years of speciality residency training is a must to become a cardiologist.

8) Even subspecialty training of 4 to 5 years is also a requirement to become a cardiologist in Canada.

9) Get an IELTS score between 7.5 to 8 across all 4 bands of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. CELPIP for English, or TEF (Test d’évaluation de français) for French are other accepted tests.

10) You can apply for Canada PR as a Cardiologist through any of the 3 immigration programs of the Canada Express entry. Check your eligibility for Canada PR by calculating total scores on different factors. These are mainly age, work experience, education, job offer, or adaptability.

11) Another way is by applying through the nominee program of PNP Saskatchewan which has high demand for cardiologists.

12) Other nominee programs for Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Alberta also have pathways for Canada PR visas. PNPs offer 600 CRS points if you have created your Express entry profile.

13) Get a degree in medicine from a university that is present in the World Directory of Medical Schools.

14) Having studied or gathered work experience in Canada gets you more points when you check your eligibility for Canada PR visa. Even having a relative, gets you those extra points for a PR visa.

Cardiologist in Canafa? This is how much you can get paid 

Becoming a PR with a job as a cardiologist can be great for your career. Annually as a cardiologist, you can get paid an impressive salary of $287,500. If we speak of hourly pay, you can expect  $147 every hour.

Those who have just started their practice as a cardiologist get paid $234,967 on an annual basis with the experienced ones getting as high as $445,755 every year.


Planning on becoming a cardiologist in Canada? Now you know what all the requirements are necessary for you to move here. But, we are still left with the process and documentation, which is best handled by Nationwide Visas. This is because they are ranked as the best Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad.

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