Best Engineering jobs in Canada from India for 2024


Are you an engineer looking to settle in Canada for the long term? If you have the required qualifications then who knows you might just become a permanent resident. Having a job can open pathways of Express entry and provincial nominee programs. 

Getting paid well is just one of the benefits. As a Canada PR, you get free medical, subsidized education, and many more social security perks. As an engineer, you can come on a work permit and get your family once you become a PR holder. 

Almost 12 percent of immigrant engineers in Canada are licensed. From civil, and electric to mechanical all kinds of engineers are in demand. And why would they not be? Engineers get maximum top-ranking jobs in Canada from India much easier than professionals. 

After medical, finance, and IT jobs, engineers are someone who is on the top in terms of being hired, Good salary and promotions are what they get, and once they become a PR there is no turning back.

Shortage of Engineers in Canada – More Job Vacancies!

In the coming years, there will be a gap in highly experienced and educated engineers. There is an imbalance between demand and supply of engineers. This is exactly why 2024 is the best year for overseas engineers to look for jobs in this field. 

Because of retirement and an aging population, Canadian employers are looking for fresh talent. Senior and managerial roles are also open for this job. But make it a point to know how to check eligibility for Canada PR visa. 

Those who are hired will be trained by companies which is why they prefer PR holders. In Ontario itself, 75,000 engineers are professionals. Most of them are hired as civil or mechanical engineers. Even electrical and project engineers are in demand in Canada. 

Best Kind of Jobs for Engineers in Canada for 2024 

Engineering is one profession that will never experience a shortage in finding jobs. This is because Canada needs them to give them a face to their economy. For example, civil and construction engineers are required to oversee building projects. 

  1. Mechanical Engineers 

This is the most common and popular kind of engineering job in Canada from India. Be it automotive, aerospace or even manufacturing, you need mechanical engineers. Even biomedical industries need the services of mechanical engineers. 

More than 15,000 job openings have opened for mechanical engineers with great prospects in Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island. In 2021 to 2031 alone there will be 12,700 jobs in Canada from India in this profession due to steady retirement and shortage of mechanical engineers. 

This gap created by the leavers shall be filled by around 15,900 job seekers. Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia are provinces for the most number of openings for this profession. As a mechanical engineer, you must have knowledge of mechanics, thermodynamics, electrical, and mathematics. 

  1. Civil engineers

These professionals are responsible for large-scale infrastructure projects like roads, dams, and highways. They are involved in soil and air quality and water monitoring and carry out fieldwork for civil projects. 

Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario with great prospects for civil engineers. There are around 26,100 jobs in Canada from India for civil engineers in Canada. This is how many of them will be opened up because of the high demand that will come from school leavers and the advent of immigration. 

Even sewer systems and airport projects are handled by these specialized engineering professionals. Licensing and registration under the provincial or territorial bodies are necessary to practice as a civil engineer in Canada.

Also, check to get your educational credential assessment done if you wish to claim points for qualifications like a Bachelor’s or Master’s in civil engineering. 

  1. Project Engineers 

If there is someone who oversees all the major infrastructure sites, they are project engineers. They are responsible for managing all the developments and the smooth running of projects. What makes their work unique is that they need to ensure that construction projects are by government standards and company policies. 

They are the same as civil engineers, but this is a much more senior position with more pay than civil engineers. This is because the job comes with greater responsibility, making it a high-demand job in Canada. 

Wish to work as a project engineer in Canada? Just learn how to check eligibility for Canada PR visa. Because for long-term professions like this, you just cannot hold a work permit. 


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