Eligibility criteria for Australia PR for Mining Engineer in 2024


Australia has for many years been the topmost overseas nation for newcomers who are looking for jobs. That is what Australia offers you by giving more preference to those who have acquired the required skills and knowledge in their fields. 

Every year the nation welcomes almost 2,000 immigrants. This helps in dealing with the ageing population and fills in the shortage in the workforce. Most of the immigrants are observed because of their skills and many pass the eligibility criteria for an Australia PR visa. 

Which is why the country has launched the Skills Demand visa. These are for specialists, Core Skills, and Essential Skills. You must belong to these skill categories to be able to get a permanent residence in Australia. 

One of the skilled occupations is mining engineers. They are among the most in-demand jobs which can help you get a job and live in Australia. All you require is to pass the eligibility criteria for Australia PR for mining engineers 

What are Mining Engineers and what is the demand in 2024 for Australia?

These kinds of engineers are involved in the extraction, processing, and management of mineral resources. But for this, you need advanced training in this department. To make sure that mines are run safely and with effectiveness these professionals are employed. 

For the smooth running of big industries doing mining these engineers play a significant part. The future of growth as a mining engineer is estimated to be 17.1%  with 11,400 mining engineers being employed,

Mining engineers are also involved in the extraction of petrol and natural gas among others. All this is from the earth which is why you need to mine them. Development of mines and planning the spanning of mine shafts are also designed by these professionals in Australia. 

There is going to be a very imminent and fast-paced growth for mining engineers shortly. If you are a graduating mining engineer then you can now get your PR along with a job as a mining engineer. 

By 2026, the number of employment positions for mining engineers will reach up to 18,800. There has been an increase in job projections from 2021 which was set at 16,100. Many of them who work in this profession work full-time.

Some of the industries where mining engineers are employed are related to 

a) Scientific and technical

b) Gas, water, electricity, and waste services 

c) Mining 

d) Construction

e) Other kinds of Industries 

Conditions of being eligible as a Mining Engineer in Australia for 2024 

  1. Get a positive skills assessment done by Engineers Australia which is the regulatory authority for any kind of engineer. They are trusted by the Department of Home Affairs.
  2. You need a minimum IELTS score of 7 across all four bands
  3. Have an updated CV with details about your mining engineering educational qualifications and work experience.
  4. An important eligibility criteria for Australia PR of mining engineers are their degree certificates.
  5. Certificate or a letter of reference of the past employer on their official letterhead.
  6. Have your report which should have proof of continued professional development. This must be mentioned as the 3 stages of a career. This should be a particular part reflecting your engineering activity. Also attaching a brief statement cannot be missed.
  7. Meet the health requirements stated by Australia and sign the values statement. Your medical reports will be reviewed by the medical services provider.
  8. Submission of a police clearance certificate is to certify your character to the Australian government. This equates to having no criminal records. 
  9. Bachelor’s degree in the mining field of engineering and a Major as well.
  10. Also, an additional 3 to 4 years of studies should be finished at Mining Education Australia (MEA). This is in association with NSW Sydney University, Queensland and Curtin University, and Adelaide as well.

 Employment Outlook for Mining Engineers in Australia for 2024 

Most of the immigrant mining engineers are hired in New South Wales taking a 31.6 percent share. This is followed by Victoria and Queensland. Also, Western Australia is another territory of Australia with the scope of recruitment for mining engineers in 2024. 

This means that most of those who are doing jobs belong to the capital cities of Australia. The median age for their employment is somewhere around 35 years of age, but you can apply younger as well. 


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