Different Challenges in studying in Austria and how you can deal with them.

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If you’re planning to relocate to Austria for studies, either by scholarship or otherwise, it is wise you get familiar with the possible challenges you may face and how you can deal with them.

Generally, Austria is a great place to study. Every country has its challenges likewise Austria. The amazing thing is that many have been able to study comfortably in Austria dealing with these challenges appropriately.

Below are the challenges you might encounter studying in Austria and how you should deal with them.

Challenges studying in Austria can make you experience and how you can deal with them.

  1. Cultural differences

Every country has its cultural background and differences. Austria’s culture is much different from other countries and countries in Europe. Their way of life, dressing, food, rules and all other cultural identifications might be difficult to adapt to.

Austrian culture is known for its way of art, sports, healthy lifestyle and strong coffee. Austria has some old fashion rules that might not be convenient for expats or International students. For example, there is a popular rule on businesses including coffee shops not to be opened on Sundays! As minute as this is, it still might not be a cool thing for most expats. It is enough to rule out their weekend plans. However, they could check out businesses that still open on Sundays in Austria.

The best thing every international student should do is to be aware of all cultural backgrounds of Austria and understand how they do things. It is important that every Foreigner including international students will need to keep an open mind and accept the cultural differences they see, building an adaptability mindset.

In all, every culture has its uniqueness and we all know that cultures are interesting to learn about but might not be convenient to adapt to. Let the international students learn how to explore while keeping records of all Austrian cultural rules. This only helps living and studying in Austria more educating and explorative.

Being said, the truth remains that you cannot shy away from cultural differences even if you aren’t studying in Austria because, every country or state has ways of doing things; all you need is to learn, adapt and explore with them.

  1. Language barrier

Austrian are known to speak German language. The second languages in most of Austria is English or French.

International students find this very challenging as most of them are relocating from countries that know nothing about German language. Many Institutions in Austria take their lectures in German language.

This is counted as the most difficult challenge if you’re planning to study in Austria or are already studying.

The good news is that, there are places you could enroll for German language lectures in Austria and also, there are few English-taught Austrian Institutions that you could enroll for.

However, studying in Austria entails living there as well. Apart from your studies, you would need to interact with people outside your Institutions and this is easier if you know how to use the language that they would understand which is, German.

If you’re aspiring to study in Austria,  you need to explore German languages as it is very important for easy Communication in or out of the Institution.

You can as well proceed to start learning German language online.

  1. Accommodation cost

Every international student faces accommodation issues except they have relatives, friends or family that could ease this challenge by accommodating them. Otherwise, finding an apartment that could match your location and also financial budget can be a bit frustrating.

The prices of accommodation in Austria varies with the location. Some locations like Vienna is seen to be a place with high cost of living. We all know that as an international student relocating to Austria, you do not have the idea of what locations that are either expensive or cheap for accommodation.

You can solve this challenge by looking out for Austria’s accommodation for students to see different accommodations that suit your financial budget as well as your location.

  1. Cost of studying

Austria has varieties of institutions that suit your career, ambitions and financial budgets.

Austria’s Institutions are on high cost and this has been a great challenge for most international students planning to study in Austria.

This is why most of international students get to apply for scholarships as there are many Scholarship Opportunities in Austria for every person as long as you meet their requirements. You can check out for scholarships in Austria to find any Scholarship you match its requirement and apply.

However, International students in Austria are allowed to work while they study as long as they do not exceed the legal weekly working hours.

The best way to solve the challenge of high cost of study is by working while studying and trying out more scholarship applications.

The minimum wage in Austria is relatively high, so this is an advantage as you can work while studying, saving yourself from a lot of financial stress.

  1. Winter

Well, this might sound so insignificant but just know that Austria’s winter is always long, very cold and grey! Many International students find this a big challenge, mostly  the ones that relocated unprepared.

Although, there are events done during winters that could make the experience a lot more fun. However, the only way to overcome this challenge is by getting prepared. Get winter suites, keep your house warm and also see how others are dealing with such time as winter in Austria.

This challenge is unavoidable. All you need is preparation. Prepare for it mentally and physically and make great fun out of it too!

Final Thoughts

We all cannot eradicate challenges. These challenges on the other hand, might be so enjoyable to others. This article is to help international students planning to study in Austria or studying in Austria to be aware and plan ahead. There are great information through links provided for you in this article. You should check them out and plan ahead while you explore as a student in a new country!

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