Check your Canada PR eligibility with best visa consultants in Mumbai

Check your Canada PR eligibility with best visa consultants in Mumbai

Ready and set to have your permanent home and working capital in Canada? You can come here once you tick all eligibility boxes which is a truly legal way. As many Indians move to Canada from India your best bet is to hire some of the best visa consultants in Mumbai.

Even in the latest all-program Express Entry draw, IRCC went ahead and invited 1,325 applicants. Out of these 5,900 entrants got their ITAs with a minimum CRS of 481 in a category-based selection draw for contenders in STEM occupations.

If you wish to start your Canada immigration journey on the right foot get your Canada eligibility check in advance. This will help you know where you stand and identify the areas you need to improve. Using the CRS score calculator as a tool can guide you about an estimated score. 

Your eligibility for Canada depends on following a process 

  1. Scoring Minimum Points – 67 points or more
  2. Submission of Express Entry application
  3. Uploading and scanning your Documents 
  4. Filling out the online form 
  5. Payment of fees 

Understanding how to navigate through the immigration process can take away from your packing time. Why not let Nationwide Visas, the best visa consultants in Mumbai handle your process with over 16 years of experience to their name? 

You can get your Canada eligibility check from consultants:

Pre-Assessment: When you come to visit a consultant, schedule a meeting with them. They will ask for your qualifications and your purpose for moving to Canada. Depending on the questions they will advise you for Canada visa options. 

Skilled Canada visa consultants in Mumbai accurately review your qualifications, work experience, educational background, language proficiency, and other relevant factors.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Profile: The detailed assessment helps provide a clear picture of your eligibility for Canada PR. This thorough examination helps create a comprehensive picture of your eligibility for Canada PR. It also helps them identify the potential challenges you may face. 

Whether it’s solving specific documentation requirements or suggesting enhancements to your profile, this early-stage evaluation sets the groundwork for a proactive and strategic approach.

Personal Customized Guidance and Plans: Each Canada PR applicant is different. Some have low age, and work experience while many of them gave a low IELTS score for Canada PR. Only the best consultants carefully craft based on the assessment results.

Mumbai’s top visa consultants will outline the steps you need to take, propose improvements if necessary, and provide a roadmap for your journey to Canada. Visa consultants from Nationwide Visas always focus on a client-centered approach.

Support for Application Preparation and Submission: Once your eligibility is confirmed, benefit from the support of experienced consultants who can assist you with the preparation and submission of your Canada PR application.

Best visa consultants in Mumbai provide detailed guidance on the documents required. They ensure that each piece of information is presented in a manner that is in line with Canadian immigration standards.

Ideas for Profile Improvement: Knowing that a strong profile significantly improves the chances of success, consultants in Mumbai go beyond simple document compilation.

They offer plans for enhancing your profile, whether through additional qualifications, improved language proficiency, or showcasing relevant work experience.

This active approach makes the best use of your eligibility and strengthens your application.

Tools to check Canada PR visa eligibility 

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Calculator

Many online platforms offer CRS calculators that simulate the scoring system used in the Express Entry program. Users can input their details, and the calculator estimates their CRS score, which is a key factor for Canada eligibility check for Express entry. 

Come to Canada Tool (IRCC):

The official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website provides the “Come to Canada” tool. It helps users explore different immigration options based on their answers to a series of questions. While it’s not a decisive eligibility check, it provides valuable information on potential pathways.

Canada PR Points Calculator

Several websites offer points calculators that are somehow similar to the points-based system used in Canada’s immigration programs. Users input details such as age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc., and the calculator provides an estimate of their eligibility.

Express Entry Eligibility Checker

 Some immigration consultancy websites provide Express Entry eligibility checkers. These tools assess the user’s profile against Express Entry criteria and offer insights into the chance of success.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Eligibility Checkers

For those considering Provincial Nominee Programs, various online tools are available to check eligibility for specific provinces. These tools help determine whether an individual meets the criteria for nomination by a particular province.


Want to move to Canada in a safe, secure, and legal manner? If that is the case then always connect with the Best visa consultants in Mumbai. They guide you through and support you when it comes to your entire application process and submission. You can be certain of a maximum success rate in your PR approval under their guidance and expansive immigration knowledge.

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