Best provinces in Canada to settle with family in 2024

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Indians are at the top of the list when it comes to immigration to Canada. They’ve been moving to the country with their loved ones for decades, with long-term plans in mind. Did you know? 118,085 individuals from India gained PR after Canada PR eligibility check and out of these, 59,503 made it to Canadian citizenship. 

Before you make the move, research the provinces, with various factors in mind like cost of living, transportation, schools, housing situation, violence rate, mom groups, maternity leave, median age, play areas, and more. Keeping these in mind, here are the best provinces for Indians to settle in Canada in 2024.

Here are the top 5 cities in Canada that are best suited to raising a family:

Toronto, Ontario

If you are eyeing a large city with ample job opportunities, Toronto is your place to be. Around 20% of immigrants live in this city and raise their families. Also, about 51% of the whole Indo-Canadian community resides in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) with high-ranking schools and universities. This is where you can admit your kids for a world-class education. Toronto also has better-paid jobs, and green space, and is home to many events, making it an ideal place for immigrants.

Vancouver, British Columbia

An immigrant-friendly city, Vancouver has made its charm among immigrants due to its best schools, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. The landscape of the city is stunning, with a beautiful backdrop when you go out with family to enjoy outdoor activities. Vancouver has many jobs for skilled workers from India like technology, healthcare, and other fields. The more skills and work experience you have, the higher your salary will be, offering a comfortable life in Canada. 

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has the perfect blend of culture, history, and high quality, making it one of the best Canadian cities to settle for Indian families. One of the biggest concerns for families is safety. And Ottawa prioritizes that. In addition, there are some excellent schools and universities in Ottawa along with great neighbourhoods, with multicultural communities. 

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Friendly people, affordable housing, and excellent quality of life are the perfect words that describe life in Saskatoon. To be invited by the province to settle, you must meet the Saskatchewan PNP requirements and apply for the nomination. The city has a robust economy with plenty of jobs in a variety of industries. Also, the crime rate is low, which makes it comfortable for Indian families to enjoy their life in Saskatoon. 

Calgary, Alberta 

Last but not least, we have Calgary, one of the best cities in Canada for families. Many cultural events take place throughout the year for people to enjoy their life to the fullest. Plus, you can enjoy affordable housing, a family-friendly environment, and a strong sense of community. If you are a skilled Indian worker, there are many stable jobs you can seek in Calgary like in the energy sector and the finance sector, which are always looking for skilled newcomers.

There you have it! Each of the cities listed above has something unique to offer when it comes to raising a family. So, no matter whether you are looking for jobs, affordable housing, excellent schools, or a vibrant community, these 5 families are great options to consider. 

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