5 Things to Know about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program


There are so many provinces in Canada but is there any that can accommodate you with a job, living, and plenty of opportunities? This is where we ought to speak about how well Saskatchewan has developed and prospered over the years as a Canadian province. 

With so much fertile land and a high quality of living one of the best ways to come here is to apply with Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program. The emerging and fast-growing economy has made it an attractive force for immigrants. 

You can make a home here along with your family as the province is open to immigrants. That is the best part about immigration to this prarie-driven province. With this, you get high-paying jobs that can be beneficial especially when you need to buy your own home here.

Why Immigrants are moving to Saskatchewan?

From July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, there was a presence of 16,281 new immigrants in the province of Saskatchewan. Only those who are successful in fulfilling the requirements are invited to apply for permanent residency.

In the quarter of 2023, a total of 11,021 people came to Saskatchewan. We can see how the numbers grow from year to year. The province wants immigrants to fill their labour market gaps and fill them with skills and experience.

If you have a work permit, you can further apply for permanent residency in Saskatchewan. They are even broadening the scope of their eligibility of workers. This is for those who wish to apply for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

Presently a total of 279 occupations will be able to work and stay in Saskatchewan permanently. Some of the persons who are qualified for this are farm workers, truck drivers, nurses’ aides, as well as retail sales employees. 

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All 5 Things You Need to Know about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 

1st Thing – SINP has its Occupation In-Demand List and Express Entry

Most other provinces do not have their own Occupation In-Demand List and Saskatchewan has one. These lists carry all the professions in demand in Saskatchewan. Those who have the right qualifications, work experience, and education will be eligible to apply for nomination via the SINP’s Occupation In-Demand stream.


The province even has its own Express Entry sub-stream that permits applicants. This route permits candidates who already have their profile in the pool to apply for nomination. This is unique about the Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.

2nd Thing –  Category for Saskatchewan Experience

This is for those people who already have experience working in Saskatchewan. When you know how to apply for a job in Canada from India this is the best way. This is for those persons who have worked in the province with a valid work permit.

This comprises the Temporary Foreign Worker Program or international graduates who have finished their studies in Canada. This route does recognize the contributions of those who have worked in the province.

You can then apply for permanent residency.

 3rd Thing – Separate Stream for Entrepreneurs

Saskatchewan is one of those provinces that encourages people to come and establish their businesses in Canada. Unlike some other provincial entrepreneur programs, the SINP Entrepreneur Category does not need a minimum investment amount.

Unlike some other provincial entrepreneur programs, the SINP Entrepreneur Category does not need a minimum investment amount. Instead, applicants are assessed based on factors like their business experience, proposed business plan, and their intention to actively participate in the management of the business.

Successful aspirants are expected to create jobs for the locals and contribute to the economic progress of Saskatchewan.

4th Thing – Even has a Farm Owner and Operator stream 

Most of the economy in Saskatchewan is based on agriculture and how it performs. This is why a separate stream has been created for agri workers. This stream is mainly for those who have enough experience in farming or agriculture. 

Also, for those who wish to establish a farm operation in Saskatchewan. Those who are eligible should be able to show their experience in farming and have the financial resources to establish and operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

The agriculture sector promotes growth and sustainability in the region. This is one of the most unique categories which come under the SINP. Even your best immigration consultants in Hyderabad will tell you that. 

5th Thing – They have community-driven Immigration Initiatives

The province collaborates with other communities here to drive immigration through community-driven initiatives. This kind of initiative promotes specific labour needs in the province.

Also, it tackles demographic challenges faced by rural and northern communities in the province. Through partnerships with designated communities, the SINP creates pathways for immigrants to settle in these regions. This helps in the economic progress and social development. 


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