Spain Visa Requirements For Nigerians.

With a total area of 505,990 km2, Spain is the second-largest nation in the European Union by landmass. Its official name is the Kingdom of Spain, and the majority of its territory is on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula. Spain has a population of 46,710,000, and Spanish is the official language there.

The tourism industry in this country is the second-largest in the world. It provides Spain with annual benefits of over $40 billion. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, and other Spanish towns are among the best well-known worldwide.

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Since 1995, when Spain joined the Schengen Area as a member state of the EU, you can apply for a Spanish Schengen visa.

This post will explain how to apply for a Spanish visa from Nigeria and outline the prerequisites for Nigerian nationals. Every year, the Spanish embassy in Nigeria receives 8,500 applications on average, but only 32% of them are accepted.

For various purposes, Spain offers a number of different visa types. Following that, we’ll go over the Spain Visa Requirements For Nigeria in this blog post and walk you through the process of applying for a Spanish visa in Nigeria.

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  Type of Spain Visa

● Tourist visa
● Visit visa
● Business visa
● Study visa
● Medical visa

Coronavirus may make PCR testing or immunisation necessary for Spain visa applications in Nigeria. Additionally, you must schedule a meeting with BLS before you gather your paperwork for the Spain visa application.

Before we get to the paperwork needed for a Spain visa in Nigeria, let’s go over the different types of visas.


A tourist visa for Spain is a kind of visa that enables you to travel there for leisure. You are not allowed to work in Spain with it. It is a Schengen visa with multiple and single-entry options.

Typically, the consulate determines how long a visa is valid. The embassy weighs a number of issues before making a judgment. They examine recent travel patterns to China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Schengen nations. Your prospects will be determined by your financial situation, place of employment or type of business, investments, type of property, and other strong ties to Nigeria if there is no trip history.

Typically, newcomers are given a single entry visa.

With a Spanish visa, if granted, you can travel to the other 25 Schengen countries. However, before travelling to other Schengen nations, you must first travel from Nigeria to Spain.

What are the supporting documents you need to prepare before applying? See below the list of Spain visa Requirements for Nigerians for tourist visa application.

You must complete two application forms: one in Spanish and one in English. These two forms, along with the Spain tourist visa requirements listed below, must be submitted.

  1. Workplace leave authorization to display as proof of employment
  2. International Passport (Six months valid from travel date).
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. A three-month bank statement (get as many bank statements as you can if you operate more than one bank account). Ask your bank for a reference letter and the last six months of bank statements for any corporate accounts you may have.
  5. Tax clearance certificate or Tax card
  6. 4-month pay slips from your employer
  7. Greetings from your organisation in a letter. Request that they enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport, your passport number, your position within the organisation, your annual pay, and the reason for your visit. The Spanish embassy must receive the letter.
  8. Hotel reservation showing duration of stay, hotel details and your name.
  9. Flight reservation showing departure date and return date which must tally with your hotel.
  10. Travel Itinerary.
  11. 2 Colour Passport Photographs (Head size should be bigger than normal).


You can travel to Spain to see relatives and friends if you have a visitation visa. In contrast to a tourist visa, it also permits you to make informal trips to tourist destinations within Schengen nations.
The embassy alone decides whether to grant you a single entry visa or one with multiple entries.

The validity of the visa is decided by the consulate. Your prospects depend on a number of elements, including your recent travel experiences to other Schengen nations, the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, your financial situation, work/business activities, investments, property type, and other ties.

First-timers are often given a single entrance visa, just like tourists.
You can travel to the other 25 Schengen countries with a visa. However, before travelling to other Schengen nations, you must take a flight to Spain.

So let’s start with Nigerian citizens’ visa needs for Spain.

  Spain Visit Visa Requirement For Nigerians

Two application forms—one in Spanish and one in English—must be filled out. You must submit both forms in addition to the list of documentation needed for a visit visa to Spain in Nigeria.

● Valid International Passport
● 6-month Bank statement from your bank
● Leave Approval
● 4-month pay slip
● Tax statement/Evidence
● Medical Travel Insurance
● Company Introduction Letter.
● A letter of invitation from your Spanish host. Inform your host to include your name, your passport number, the host’s name, the host’s passport number, the host’s home location, the host’s status in Spain, the reason for your visit, your relationship to the host, your responsibilities, and your anticipated arrival and departure dates.
● Host’s utility bills if the accommodation will be provided by the host, if not, you need to present a hotel reservation.
● Host’s work details and bank statement if s/he intends to pay part of your expenses while in Spain.
● Copies of Schengen, UK, USA or China visa, if available.
● Two Colour Passport Photographs (Head size should be bigger than normal).
● Host’s data page / Resident permit to you.

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You are able to do business operations such as meetings, surveys, etc. with a business visa for Spain. It prevents you from working. With a business visa, you can travel.
The type of visa and its duration issued by the embassy is also influenced by the factors indicated above.
If you want to apply for a business visa in Nigeria, the list of Spain visa requirements for Nigerians is below.

  Spain Business Visa Requirement For Nigeria

Find the list of documents needed for a business visit to Spain in Nigeria.

● Work ID
● International Passport (Six months valid from travel date).
● Company Registration Document (CAC)
● 3-month bank statement (self)
● 3-month bank statement (companies)
● Tax clearance certificate or Tax card ready
● Ask for your 4-month pay slips from your employer
● Travel Insurance
● Business Introduction letter from your company. Purpose of trip and sponsorship statement if the company intends to sponsor.
● Invitation letter from the host company/organizer in Spain.
● Host’s Business registration document.
● Passport Photographs (Head size must be more prominent than normal) X2.
● Copies of Schengen, UK, USA or China visas if available.

Each document needs to be duplicated and put in its own file.


You receive study permission from Spain through a study visa for the duration of the programme. Most of the time, it enables you to work, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Because it is multiple visas, you can stay for a longer time. A visa extension is possible. With a Spain study visa, you can invite your family, unlike with a visit or tourist visa.

  Spain Study Visa Requirement for Nigerians

The list of documents needed for a study visa to Spain in Nigeria is provided below.

● Transcript from your school
● Acceptance Letter / Admission
● Confirmation of payment
● International Passport valid for at least 6 months
● 3-month bank statement (self/sponsors)
● Sponsorship Letter
● Introduction Letter from School / Company
● 2 passport photograph
● Health insurance
● Make copies of Schengen, UK, USA, or Chinavisasa if available.


Visitors who want to travel to Spain for medical reasons need a medical visa. This kind of visa permits you to receive any kind of medical care, including childbirth. Your medical visa prohibits you from working. The embassy has sole discretion over the length of the visa.

  Spain Medical Visa Requirement For Nigeria

The list of documents needed for a Spanish medical visa in Nigeria is shown below.

● Medical Report/Referral Letter from a Nigerian hospital
● Medical invitation from a registered hospital in Spain
● Appointment letter from Spain
● Diagnosis report
● Evidence of payment
● Introduction letter from your company
● Self-introduction Letter
● International Passport
● 2 Passport Photograph (white background)
● Travel Insurance
● 3-month bank statement (self/sponsor).

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  How to Apply for Spain Visit Visa in Nigeria?
  1. To download and complete the visa application form, click HERE. Either a blue or black pen should be used to fill out the application.
  2. Book an appointment with the embassy. Click here to schedule an appointment
  3. Bring the application form filled out and the supporting documents indicated below to the submission centre.

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  Spain Submission Centre

Lagos serves as the submission hub for Spain. As a result, if you live somewhere other than Lagos, you must make a long trip there for submission and biometrics. Before travelling to Lagos, make sure you are aware of the Nigerian citizen visa requirements for Spain.

Lagos serves as the submission hub for Spain. As a result, if you live somewhere other than Lagos, you must make a long trip there for submission and biometrics. Before traveling to Lagos, make sure you are aware of the Nigerian citizen visa requirements for Spain.

For a spousal visa, visit the Spain embassy for a Spanish visa application in Nigeria.

Below are the contact details for the Spain visa application centre for submission and biometrics.


Selina House, 4 Idowu Martins Street, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, 101241, Lagos.

Phone: +2347056645455


Submission Timings: 08:00 to 14:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)

Passport retrieval time  13:00 to 16:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)

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