How to find job in Canada from India as Data Analyst

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The rate of immigration witnessed a double surge for overseas-trained database analysts and data administrators. The recent IRCC data reveals that in the first two months of 2023, there was a better increase as compared to 2022 last year. 

This is why it becomes important to know how to find a job in Canada from India for data analysts. In January and February itself, Canada welcomed 400 database analysts and administrators who converted to new permanent residents of Canada. 

Above mentioned is the data collected by IRCC. With the present number of database analysts and administrators in Canada, the nation could have an estimate to call in 2,400 of these information technology specialists in 2023. In 2022, a total of 70 new permanent residents became database analysts and administrators. 

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Role of Data Analysts

  • Design, develop, and manage data management solutions.
  • Develop and act out the data administration policy and document user requirements
  • Design and develop database architecture for information systems projects
  • Design, construct, modify, integrate, implement, and test data models and database management systems.
  • Carry out research and advise other informatics professionals as per the selection, application, and execution of database management tools.
  • Implement database management systems to study data and perform data mining examinations.
  • Might lead, organize, or oversee other workers in this group.

Employment of Data Analysts 

When you ask how to find a job in Canada from India you can apply via job portals like Linkedin, Indeed,, etc. You can even look for positions in Canada Job Bank where they provide listings for employment and job vacancies. 

You can look to be employed in information technology consulting firms as well as information technology units throughout the private and public sectors.

Job titles for Data Analysts

  • Data administrator
  • Database administrator (DBA)
  • Database analyst
  • Data custodian
  • Data dictionary administrator
  • Data warehouse analyst
  • Technical architect – database

Demand for Data analysts in Canada 

Over one-third of the occupations in Canada belong to IT professionals. Many initiatives and programs have been launched by the government. This is to attract and retain talent in the tech sector. Even the Best visa consultants in Hyderabad tell you that as a matter of fact. 

These make Canada an attractive place for those who have the skills and experience to come and settle here. Digital innovation has been the new thing now, and companies are catching up with this. Even the growth of startups is one of the major reasons for IT professionals like data analysts. 

Employment Requirements for Data Analysts 

A bachelor’s degree or college program, mainly in computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics is usually important.

Computer programming and connected experience are mainly needed 

Professional certification and licensing 

There is nothing particular about data analysts. You need to know that this occupation is not a regulated one. 

How to find a job in Canada from India as a Data Analyst

Make a strong resume 

Make a portfolio in a manner that shows your skills in database management as well as administration. This can be also inclusive of projects in which you have successfully worked, implemented as well as done the operation of databases.

You can even provide instances where you have enhanced the workflow of data as well as the resolution of performance issues. 

Network for yourself  

You can participate in industry-specific events, conferences as well as meetings. This can help you in expanding your professional network in a while. You can even be a part of online communities or attend forums and discussion groups. 

These can speak mainly about data management and help you come in contact with professionals in the same area. 

Look deeply into the Canada job market for Data Analysts

You can begin your journey as a Data analyst by carrying out deep research on the job market and its demands. You can look for cities or even regions that have a strong need for roles and look at companies that are searching for professionals in this field. 

Search for Relevant positions

Search for positions in job portals, professional platforms of networking, as well as company-managed websites. You can then apply for relevant positions. You need to customize your resume and cover letter to show your experience and skills in database management, administration as well as data analysis. 

Try other Immigration Programs

For occupation-specific nominations such as Data analysts, you can apply through pathways of Express Entry, provincial nominee program, or work permits for skilled workers. You can even NPs like the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee program.

You can look at the specific immigration program and their requirements for applying as a data analyst. 


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