Tempo Software

At Tempo, we’re on the hunt for a Growth Marketing Manager who possesses a deep technical understanding of Braze, Amplitude, and Segment CDP. Your primary role will involve structuring Product-led Growth pathways for our SMB clientele while orchestrating sophisticated Product-led Sales strategies for enterprise-grade clients.

Dive into a world where your technical prowess can sculpt the future of growth marketing at Tempo!


  • Product-led Strategy: Utilize Braze, Amplitude, and Segment CDP to meticulously architect growth blueprints catering to both SMBs and large organizations.
  • Advanced Customer Segmentation: Leverage Segment CDP to perform granular customer segmentation, ensuring that our engagement strategies are not just effective but surgically precise.
  • Braze Campaign Management: Engineer and execute targeted campaigns using Braze, focusing on maximizing product adoption and revenue potential from existing clientele.
  • Data Analytics with Amplitude: Dive deep into Amplitude analytics, creating retention strategies that mitigate potential churn by anticipating user needs.
  • UX/UI Email & In-App Design: Develop high-quality content and designs to ensure that both email and in-app strategies are not only functional but also provide an intuitive and engaging user experience.
  • Experimentation Framework: Establish rigorous A/B testing protocols to ascertain the efficacy of new strategies, and to continually refine our user touchpoints.
  • Technical Collaboration: Act as the technical bridge between sales, product, and marketing teams, ensuring cohesive execution of growth strategies.

Ideal Candidate:

  • 5+ Years Experience with Bachelor’s or higher degree in a technical field related to marketing, UX, or data analytics.
  • Demonstrable proficiency in Braze, Amplitude, and Segment CDP.
  • Hands-on experience with Figma, especially regarding designing UX/UI for growth campaigns.
  • Proven record in establishing and executing Product-led Growth and Sales strategies.
  • Strong analytical capabilities, with a knack for deciphering complex datasets.
  • Previous experience with A/B testing, specifically within a SaaS or tech environment.

What’s In It For You (Org-wide)

  • Hybrid or Remote work!
  • If you’re close to one of our 4 Hubs: Boston, Montreal, Reykjavik or Toronto; feel free to use the space and catch up with the local team(s)
  • Unlimited vacation in most of our locations!!
  • Great benefits including health, dental, vision and savings plan.
  • Perks such as training reimbursement, WFH reimbursement, and more.
  • Diverse and dynamic teams with challenging and exciting work.
  • An opportunity to have a real impact on our business.
  • A great range of social activities (both in person and virtual).
  • Optional in person meet-ups and the ability to travel to our international offices
  • Employee referral program
  • And so much more!!

To apply for this job please visit www.tempo.io.