The Top Nigerian Tech Companies to Watch in 2023


Nigeria is becoming a prosperous location for startups. These startups are developing ground-breaking solutions to the issues facing each area of the economy. Also, as a result of these businesses, foreign communities and investors are increasingly coming to believe in Nigeria. In this post, we examine Nigeria’s top startups.

The startups on this list have demonstrated by their offerings, innovations, sustained growth, and reviews that they have what it takes to be included. Being a startup is not sufficient; you also need to have an impact. to stimulate interest in your goods or services among customers.

A number of intriguing businesses have recently emerged in Nigeria’s growing digital landscape. The top Nigerian tech firms to watch in 2023 are listed below:


Considering how quickly e-commerce is developing, a rise will be visible by 2023. Sendy is one of the businesses working to make the entire supply chain and procedures seamless as a result of the need for such methods.

Source: Benjamin Dada

Whether it’s an individual purchasing good or a supermarket stocking up, Sendy’s got you. 

Evanson Biwott, Don Okoth, and American Malaika Judd of Mesh Alloys developed the company, which provides pick-up, delivery, storage, and even payment processing. All you have to do to increase sales, move things effectively, and do so at a reasonable cost is to let them know what you want.

Sendy has over 92% fulfillment rates across all four countries of operation, including Kenya and Nigeria, in addition to its 5,000 automobiles from third-party partners.

TomX Holdings

TomX Holdings wants to address the unemployment issue in the African continent by focusing on sectors including logistics, banking, fast-moving consumer goods, real estate, and ICT.

Source: LinkedIn Nigeria

The startup offers trustworthy financial returns to investors along with reasonable and dependable funding to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate organizations through its product offerings, which include TomX Credit, Rapaid, and others. Also, it encourages increased savings, easy credit applications, and profitable investments.

TomX Holdings uses an inclusive strategy, taking into account the continent’s unbanked and financially underprivileged population.


Ckrowd is elevating technological entertainment. Do you produce content yourself? You could monetize your material both inside and outside of the African continent with the aid of Ckrowd.

Source: Facebook

The premium content streaming network is also committed to assisting young African students by enabling them to access technologically facilitated, reasonably priced educational programs.

The startup recently made an investment in its Digital-Marketing-As-A-Service (DMAAS) technology to support content creators and businesses interested in increasing the reach of their subscribers and generating revenue from sales of their content or other products and services. This investment expands the reach of its goal.

Art split

How much do you adore art, and how much do you wish you could easily invest in it?

Since ArtSplit democratises the arts industry and makes it visible to the global market, it was created to make reliable art investment accessible.

ArtSplit uses technology to divide an artwork costing $200,000, for example, into 100 thousand splits, bringing the entry price for that work down to $2 a split. People can then easily afford to purchase up to 10 or 50 divides with the app.

Source: Facebook

These actual works—they are not NFTs—can only be co-owned by users through the app.


Mkobo is a microfinance institution licenced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and protected by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation with the goal of boosting the economic sustainability of the African continent and raising the standard of living there.
There’s no such thing as too many fintech businesses, is there? I don’t believe that is the case; there is simply a lot to cover, and these fintech companies are really assisting.

Mkobo was created with the intention of giving underserved Africans access to effective banking and economical financial services in the near future.


Gomycode is an educational platform that gathers the best tech talents in the region. They empower people by upskilling and reskilling them on digital skills through instructor-assisted, affordable and quality training. 

GomyCode is the largest developer community in Africa and the Middle East. Region. They strive to train the next generation of developers and connect them with the best digital projects around the world.

Top Nigerian Tech Companies
Source: Gomycode


Do you understand how great it is to order food from restaurants of your choice and have it delivered to your home or another convenient location?

No matter where the eateries are, Chowdeck doesn’t restrict you to only using them. To satisfy your cravings, the logistics service will quickly transport meals to you from a wide range of restaurants serving anything from continental to African cuisine.

It was one of the startups in Y Combinator’s 2022 Summer Batch, and I can attest to the app’s quality because I use it on a daily basis.

These companies are just a few examples of innovative and promising tech companies emerging in Nigeria. As the Nigerian tech scene continues to grow, there will undoubtedly be many more exciting companies to watch in the coming years.

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