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We are looking for a Senior Engineer with extensive experience working with systems software to join our team responsible for Slang, our compiler project.

Slang will be a new Solidity compiler designed from first principles as a platform for Solidity developer tooling. As a compiler-as-a-service, the top priority will be servicing tools through domain-specific APIs and metadata to support tooling like debuggers and advanced editing assistance.

This is a fully-remote role, and we’re open to candidates applying within UTC+1 to UTC-7 timezones.


This role presents a unique opportunity to make an early and substantial contribution to a project that we believe will be significant in its own right. You will work with low-level bytecode, compilers, and programming languages. You will closely collaborate with the rest of the team to design and implement advanced functionalities, troubleshoot and prioritize bugs, write clear supporting documentation, conduct code reviews, and work together on architectural decisions.

You will play a critical role in upholding our commitment to open-source software by actively contributing to the repository, collaborating with fellow developers, listening to feedback, and incorporating new ideas into our codebase. Through your efforts, you will help us maintain our reputation for excellence and inspire others to join us in our mission.


Tech stack:
  • Rust

  • Node.js / N-API

  • Ethereum / EVM


The skills we look for:
  • At least 5 years of experience working on systems software

  • 2+ years of working with Rust

  • Knowledge and experience with Node.js

  • We work remotely and mostly asynchronously, so the ability to take ownership and work with minimal direction is crucial

  • As this is an early-stage project, we are seeking a teammate who is comfortable adapting to changing requirements

  • Prior experience working in a remote and globally-distributed environment

  • Experience in leading projects & mentoring other team members


The advantages you can attain from this opportunity:
  • You’ll have a chance to work on a core component of the Ethereum stack and support the entire Ethereum ecosystem to be more productive

  • Contribute to Ethereum as a project

  • Service the needs of high-profile projects that use Hardhat

  • All of your work will be open-source, and you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other open-source projects (both inside and outside Ethereum)

To apply for this job please visit remotive.com.