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Check the Job description, we provide as much information as possible but you can reach out to us if you have further questions. We encourage you to apply if you’re interested, even if there are skills you don’t quite master.

About us

We engage top-performance Software Developers from Latin America to join our clients’ teams worldwide. We build amazing products and sustain long-term relationships with our counterparts. We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company. The results are seen in the performance of our teams and the bond we hold with each of our clients.

About the client

Our client is a leading micro-mobility company that manufactures the world’s best electric scooters. They also offer a subscription model through which you can use the scooters without worrying about maintenance and insurance.

About the role

As a front-end engineer, you will be responsible for building, connecting, and maintaining our client’s web stack. As a young company, there are still many systems and procedures that need defining, and you will play a major role in the evolution of their customer experience. You will work closely with the product manager to define a process and then build and deploy customer- and internal-facing features. Projects in the pipeline are diverse and may include website optimizations, customer services, fraud detection, and internal tools.

How you’ll contribute :

  • Maintain and improve our frontend web deployment
  • Produce, maintain, and modify the Unagi digital customer experience
  • Extend our existing CMS architecture to support ongoing content strategy
  • Collaborate closely with other departments such as customer service and ops
  • Continuously improve integration with third-party tools including Stripe, Klaviyo, Shipstation, Onfleet, and more

What you need to succeed in this role

  • Fluency with Vue.js / Nuxt
  • Mid-level experience with React.js
  • Expertise in HTML / CSS responsive web design (Flexbox / Bootstrap is a plus)
  • Understanding of key website design principles and SEO implementation
  • Fluency in vanilla JavaScript
  • Ability to query backend REST-based APIs and consume and display well-formatted JSON responses
  • Demonstrated ability to test and debug website code and content, including communicating API bugs or change requests to backend developers.
  • Ability to use team & customer input to create functional, creative and user friendly web experiences
  • Demonstrated capacity to clearly and concisely communicate about complex technical problems and propose thorough, iterative solutions
  • Experience in modern web accessibility best practices

What could set you apart

  • Familiarity with Retool
  • Deep interest in CSS
  • Experience working with remote or distributed teams
  • Experience working on small teams in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Good documentation habits
  • Strong sense of prioritization and ROI
  • Experience dealing with multi-channel e-commerce, retail, service, hardware, manufacturing, and international logistics
  • Big plus: backend experience: Significant experience with Node JS, Typescript, and Lambda functions, Postgres DB, GCP Functions or AWS Lambda, asynchronous design patterns and error handling.

Our team

We seek to generate a place of inspiration and growth where individuals

can voice their opinions, feel cared for, heard, and valued. We promote an environment of personal and professional development and follow up individually on your needs and concerns. We want to create a space where everyone may be inspired and thrive!

What we offer

Long-term projects

100% remote work

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English lessons

Technical training 

WFH budget

Career Coaching

Note: This position is available for candidates located anywhere in Latin America.

To apply for this job please visit remotive.com.