Vital keeps patients & families informed during their hospital or acute care stays. This means translating underlying electronic health records (EHR) and medical activity into something anyone can understand. How long am I going to wait in the emergency room? Is this medication effective? How do I interpret lab results into a simple but meaningful change to better my health? What do I need to do to get back to healthy?

Vital is a patient-first company serving nearly 1M patients at 100+ hospitals, across 20+ health systems and growing rapidly.

Your role is to own our consumer (patient & family) facing functionality:

  • Consumer-grade usability, UI/UX, consistent across emergency, inpatient, and appointment products. This should never feel like stale “medical” software. It should feel as intuitive as your favorite app.
  • Activation, optimization and on-boarding. You own the funnel. We have nearly 60% of patients using Vital now. Let’s do even better. Let’s measure and optimize every feature’s engagement, while, recognizing patient satisfaction & health are our ultimate objectives.
  • Behavioral change. Patients & families are ultimately responsible for their own health. How can you subtly alter actions in hospital and at-home for better long term outcomes?
  • Develop a direct-to-consumer product. Today Vital is B2B SaaS. Yet health matters to every patient on the planet. How can we use our vast amount of data on medications, procedures, complications, and long-term outcomes to improve the health of the planet?


Ideal experience includes:

  • Worked on an application with >100,000 users (ideally millions)
  • Worked at a startup. We need to know you actually had a hand in building something from scratch, rather than being a small part of an existing system.
  • Passion for healthcare. It would be helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to have worked at a healthcare, wellness or health tech company. At the very least, a strong personal connection to healthcare (because of your own or a family members personal experience) matters.
  • Highly analytical. You A/B test. You use analytics. You can prove you’ve increased this or that features use by 30% because you studied the data, and talked to customers.
  • Customer-oriented. You do user testing. Your friends are tied of you running your product ideas by them. You think about customer journeys on your weekend hike/dance/picnic. You can get obsessive…because you know it matters.
  • Empathetic & communicative. Doctors and nurses are under tremendous pressure, and frequently under-staffed, sick patients may be having one of the worst times of their lives. You need to be able to visualize yourself in their shoes. To really “feel” what they are going through. Unlike ecommerce, search and social media, you yourself (hopefully) will not be a regular user of the software. So being able to “project” yourself into a mindset and develop personas is crucial.


  • Salary: $120-150k depending on experience.
  • Stock: Yes! Just did a Series B up-round of $25M in a down market because we have momentum.
  • We’ll provide you with the equipment you’ll need to work remotely or in a shared office space.
  • Access to an annual professional development stipend & a stipend for your home office set up!
  • 6 weeks PTO, ensuring you can take vacations as you need.
  • Competitive health, vision, and dental packages (100 % premium covered for employees + dependents), plus life insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Program to support your wellbeing.
  • Paid leave for new parents.
  • Most importantly, we’re a mission-driven company. Your work matters, your work can (statistically) save lives.

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