We are looking for an experienced back-end engineer to join the core platform team. Our ecosystem consists of several client-facing applications with different profiles each, all of them connected through a lightly coupled set of services (that we call the core platform), that abstracts the integration with external tools. The complexity of the business model together with the data handling in big volumes require high standards of transparency, traceability, scalability and robustness. For that reason our architecture is based on Domain Driven Design over an Event Sourcing communication pattern. At the same time industry highest standard, best practice, innovative and challenging. This job offer is oriented to a skilled and curious systems designer, willing to take a step and build over the newest architecture patterns. We’ll expect you to be open to learning and contribute to a growing platform, with a long term perspective. You should be familiar with complex algorithms, data structures, design patterns and systems design in general. Our main tech stack is nodeJS with TypeScript, express and GCP services (SQL and no-SQL, queues, message broker, docker/K8s). Well qualified applicants will possess strong communication, organizational and time-management skills.

NodeJS Backend Software Engineer (Remote)

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