Who Are We

We are Virtual Internships, an EdTech startup on a mission to bridge the gap between education and the workplace by making internships accessible to all.

Over the last four years, we’ve established partnerships with 12,000+ companies, 100+ universities, and supported thousands of students and graduates in becoming more employable via our online work experience product.

We are a team of 130+ across 25+ countries, backed by some of the world’s top investors. We recently secured our Series A funding from investors such as Hambro Perks, Sequoia Capital, Kaplan, Arsenal Growth, and Ascend Vietnam Ventures who have collectively guided the likes of Google, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Canva, Udemy, and Applyboard.

Our 2022 awards include:

Your Role and Impact
  • You drive great execution. You work with the team to enable execution including implementing appropriate processes, setting appropriate expectations, managing risks, managing resource allocation (aka managing the balance of scope/schedule/resources), and removing blockers.
  • You develop a quality playbook for your teams and area(s) of ownership, including standards for pull requests, code reviews, testing, and monitoring.
  • You ensure the team owns the operation of data, systems, and apps in production. You drive resolution of critical issues, root cause analysis-driven actions.
  • You drive hiring, motivation, growth with everyone in your team. You develop and calibrate a thorough understanding of employees’ motivations, strengths, and growth opportunities. You work to align opportunities for personal growth with prospective impact to the organization. You provide constant, real-time feedback to the team. You create a self-managing team.
  • You ensure the team continuously improves. You establish goals and KPIs for the team and/or technical scope, set up processes to ensure we continually track and learn, and drive priorities to improve. You orchestrate improvement using root cause analyses, postmortems/retrospectives, and other processes.
  • You cultivate a great culture where team members can do their best work. You promote ownership and accountability, high I/O, learning and teaching, good decision making, and a push for very high standards.
  • You build relationships. You build, maintain, and invest in relationships inside and outside of the org, and ensure the team does the same. You promote transparency through regular updates on priorities and status.
  • You ensure the team has clear goals, roadmaps, and priorities that are well informed by and socialized with partners and peers across the organization. You work end-to-end to ensure we minimize technical and functionality gaps between teams.
What Do We Offer?

One of our core values at Virtual Internships is transparency. That’s why, we’re giving you the opportunity to ‘try before you apply’ in our “VI-P Guide” which includes our values, how we operate, how we build our packages, and how we interview.

To give you an example of some of our perks and benefits:

  • Flexible working hours – Start earlier, leave earlier, take a shorter lunch or leave a bit later, it’s totally up to you.
  • Remote first – work from anywhere, with a budget to support your remote setup
  • Learn from the world’s best – access to exclusive content including how-to guides and playbooks from Sequoia/500Global backed organizations
  • Swag – delivered to your door
  • Birthday leave – go enjoy yourself on your birthday without needing to use your annual leave
  • Impact – we’re still at an early-stage, so your impact is magnified. You will likely be solving something that hasn’t already been solved or you will be taking something to an entirely new level !
  • Meritocracy – a culture that prides itself on internal promotions and meritocracy. The majority of our managerial team have risen up (quickly), including our COO, CAO, CFO, Head of Host Companies, and Head of Intern Experience

Your Attributes

  • You are a systems thinker: you think end to end about how designs and changes affect the overall service, architecture, codebase, and users, and how it will evolve in the future.
  • You understand and drive techniques for improving productivity and leading projects.
  • You are experienced with a variety of growth and leadership strategies, tactics, and scenarios.
  • You enjoy participating in and providing feedback on design and code reviews.
  • You act with and teach appropriate urgency when the situation calls for it. You feel personally accountable and responsible.
  • You are high I/O, emotionally mature, and humble. You are a good, deep listener. Likewise, you share info proactively and effectively. You care about being effective over being right. You accept feedback willingly, seeking opposing points of view.
  • You are an open-minded learner. You live to learn new things, like staying up to date on new technologies, tools, and techniques.
  • You are empathetic, happy when helping others succeed. You drive and facilitate clarity when there’s ambiguity in what’s needed.
  • You are uplifting. You encourage and shine a light on the team, individual players, and outstanding work. Y
  • You raise the visibility of the team’s work within the organization. You mentor employees (on their team or across the organization), encouraging and guiding them in leveling up.
  • You maintain extremely high standards while being practical. You know perfect is the enemy of good, but aspire for great.

Your Experience and Skills

  • Have 6+ years of background and experience in frontend engineering
  • Have experience in setting up the full UI workflow – right from Dev, Test, Build to Deployment
  • Are an expert in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS – design patterns, and developer tooling
  • Are an expert in one framework like React or Angular
  • Have experience in CSS pre-post processors (PostCSS, SASS, LESS)
  • Have experience in good dev tooling for high productivity (Webpack, Babel, Unit testing)
  • Have knowledge of REST paradigm, service oriented architecture and distributed systems
  • Have clear understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • You have knowledge of how the internet and networking works (i.e. DNS, HTTP, TLS, Certificates, etc) and the tools and services that enable people and devices to connect to services (e.g., browsers, CDNs, proxies, etc).
  • You have some knowledge of and experience with how systems work at scale (e.g. threads, virtualization, configuration management, load balancers, caching).

You stand out from the crowd if:

  • You have proven experience managing, mentoring, training people, including establishing teams and attracting top talent. Bonus points if you have done so in a fast paced and growing startup environment.
Consider this our wish-list. We know there will be great candidates that don’t meet every one of these criteria—if you’re passionate about the role and have early-stage startup experience, we’d still love to hear from you.

To apply for this job please visit remotive.com.