About RedCloud

In a $31tn FMCG market, with over 1 million manufacturers, 20m distributors and wholesalers and over 500m independent retailers, less than 3% of the B2B trading is currently done online. Our mission is to grow global online commerce for the world’s small businesses by removing the barriers to online trading.

Currently, due to antiquated and high-cost payment networks, over $19tn of trade payments are made offline, adding complexity and inconvenience to online trading. This has resulted in local retailers, who directly influence >80% of local consumer buying behaviour, often being the least technically equipped with data, pricing, or the latest inventory.

So we built an Open Commerce Platform that enables the sale and distribution of FMCG products to be made much simpler. Products should be in front of sellers fast, in real-time, through an immersive commerce experience, with trade buyers and sellers able to see live commerce opportunities and pricing. We have built a digital ecosystem that is specifically designed to unlock the full value of the distribution network, providing real-time visibility for order and inventory management. Our innovative platform provides brands and distributors with deep data insights into buyer trends and behaviours and helps identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products.

The role:

As a member of our team, you will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining the smooth operation of our data tools stack. Your role will involve a combination of DevOps and administration tasks, including user access management, architectural work, active monitoring, performance tracking, and setting up KPIs and reports.

Main Responsibilities:

  • DevOps and Administration: Perform various DevOps and administrative tasks across our data tools stack, ensuring smooth system operation.
    • This includes user access management, architecture-related work, and addressing any performance and stability issues.
  • Active Monitoring: Establish and maintain comprehensive monitoring throughout the stack, encompassing logging and live dashboards.
  • Monitor system performance and proactively address any issues to ensure everything runs on-track and on-time.
  • Performance and Consistency: Create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our data tools.
  • Continuously optimize query performance, warehouse scale, data consistency, and logging.

What we are looking for in a candidate:

  • Solid dev-ops experience: you enjoy seeing systems run smoothly. You thrive in monitoring pipelines, setting alerts, check-points and tests.
  • You enjoy working on query performance, warehouse scale, logging, data consistency.
  • Competent admin skills: you are comfortable with database and warehouse admin.
  • A collaborator mindset: you are a professional who knows how to communicate and cooperate in a team environment.
  • Comfort with SQL and you know your way around Python
  • Experienced with AWS tools

Check out the links below to see what our CEO Justin Floyd has to say about our plans for growth for the year ahead, and to see our latest video on the mission we’re on!



To apply for this job please visit remotive.com.