American Express

The Modern Money Movement initiative is a great opportunity to solve complex challenges and to build a novel Platform that is going to power the next generation of Amex financial products. We are a team of entrepreneurial game-changers with a great FinTech Engineering culture at the forefront of innovation in the industry. We are building amazing GraphQL and APIs, intelligent payment routing decision engines, an ISO20022 framework, AI/ML driven data pipelines, and fluid integrators with Global Payment Infrastructure and the banking system. Our team is responsible for mission critical customer journeys, including “Pay your Amex Bill,” “Plan your Payment” and “Get a Loan.” Our goal is to decouple our assets, such as our ACH engine and bank validation, and make it easy for others in the company to build world class customer experiences. We are looking for Engineers that are open-minded, willing to learn, and are passionate about building great software. As we decide if an Engineer is a fit for our Team, we will not focus solely on experience or languages used, but the ability to think out of the box and approach problems with an inventive mindset. We are influenced by The Twelve-Factor App principles, and we have picked modern ergonomic languages that enhances productivity and readability, i.e., modern JVM: Quarkus/Micronaut with Kotlin and lightweight Go command tools. Architecture is event driven microservices using Kafka, and our polyglot-persistence includes Postgres and Cassandra.

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