How to apply for a France visa from Kuwait


How to apply for a France visa from Kuwait

Published on: 02 February 2023

1) Understand what the France visa requirements for Kuwait citizens are

  • Understand what the France visa requirements for Kuwait citizens and residents are before you apply. Know that it is a travel document that grants its holder access to the Schengen area and that with a France visa from Kuwait you will be able to travel to France and remain there for 90 days (alternatively you may decide to visit the 26 other Schengen countries to which you also have access through your visa). 
  • Understand your requirements for the France Schengen visa—these include documents to be submitted, a visa interview to attend (in person at your application destination) and security measures to follow (biometric information submission).  

2) Find out when to apply and how much does a France visa cost

  • When to apply for your visa matters. Applications submitted too early are in danger of being rejected, so don’t apply more than six months before your trip to France. In contrast, applications submitted too late (two weeks before a trip) are in danger of not being processed in time. 
  • The price of a Schengen visa for Kuwaitis is 80 EUR (this is the amount which most Kuwait citizens and residents end up paying). To be a student or a dignitary, however, is to potentially be exempt from some or all of this payment amount. See the rules about paying for the Schengen visa for Kuwaitis here. Consider that you may need to submit payment in EUR rather than Kuwait dinars. You will likely pay this fee online during your visa application (in which case credit/debit card will be required for processing). 

3) Understand where to apply for a Schengen visa from Kuwait

  • There are two answers to this question, because technically all applicants for France visas and types apply online (in that they submit an application electronically). However, all applicants are required as well to apply in person at their respective application destination. In Kuwait, you can apply for your France visa for Kuwait citizens through the French Embassy there. Contact us at to find out where in Kuwait to submit your application.  

4) Select your France visas and types for Kuwait passport holders

  • Meet your France visa requirements for Kuwait citizens by indicating which type of visa you need. Why are you traveling to France? Is it to attend a Business conference there? If so, you will apply for a “Business” France visa from Kuwait. If you are going as a tourist, you will seek a “Tourist” France visa from Kuwait.” As you can see from these examples, French visa types reflect purpose of travel. For more examples and complete list of France visas and types for the France visa from Kuwait, click here.

5) Decide on an entry category for how to get a France visa From Kuwait

  • Single entry—For Kuwaitis needing just one entry to France. Note that leaving France on a single-entry Schengen visa means not being able to return, even if you still have days remaining on your visa.  
  • Double entry—For Kuwaitis needing two entries to France. Offering a degree of flexibility, double entry visas allow you to leave France and return to it one time. 
  • Multiple entry— For Kuwaitis needing multiple entries to France, this visa grants you as many as you need, meaning that you can leave France and return whenever you like. 

6) Access the French visa portal to apply for a France visa from Kuwait

  • Submit your main France Schengen visa application form through the French visa portal (the official channel for all applicants for the France visa from Kuwait) here.
  • Make an account and fill out the forms you see (in Spanish, French, or English—the same languages you will probably need to submit all of your documents in).

7) Submit your required documents for the France visa for Kuwait citizens

  • To get a Schengen visa for the Kuwait citizens, please gather the below documents: 
    • Copy of above electronic France Schengen visa application form and receipt.
    • Kuwaiti passport (national passport from another country so long as it is valid) for your France visa from Kuwait.
    • Photos of you, passport sized (two of them) for your France visa from Kuwait.
    • Proof of accommodation (evidence that you have temporary housing in France). 
    • Proof of finances (evidence that you can financially support yourself throughout your visit to France).
    • Travel medical insurance (evidence you have purchased it).
  • In addition to the above, you will also need to submit the following required materials: France visa fees and your supplemental documents (any documents your visa type demands). 

8)    Schedule the visa interview for your France visa from Kuwait

  • When you apply for the France visa from Kuwait online you will likely be able to schedule your appointment on the online France visa from Kuwait visa portal. If this option is not shown to you, you should contact us at, and we will help you making the necessary arrangements.

9)    Visa interview for how to apply for France visa from Kuwait 

  • Fulfill your visa requirements at your visa appointment for your France visa from Kuwait. If you have not yet remitted payment of your complete France visa fees for your France visa from Kuwait, this is where you will do so. 
  • Applicants for the France visa from Kuwait who have already submitted an online France Schengen visa application will need to bring the printed out copy of that document to their interview, where they will submit it as well as the rest of their required documents (passport, proof of accommodation, etc.). 
  • A short interview is required for the France visa from Kuwait. In it, you will be asked questions about your trip to France. 
  • Please note it’s not typically possible to apply for the Schengen visa for the Kuwait citizens and residents without submitting biometric information (fingerprints and photos). However, if you have previously traveled to France on a France Schengen visa (or on a Schengen visa to another country) you may be able to avoid submitting them—assuming they are already in the system. 

10) 15-60 Days: Processing time for the France Schengen Visa

  • The processing time of 15-60 days is the length of time it could in theory take for you to receive your France visa from Kuwait. Please note that your Kuwaiti passport will be kept for as long as it takes to process your France visa from Kuwait. 
  • If you are denied a France visa from Kuwait (because you are said to have failed to meet the France visa requirements for Kuwait citizens) you have the ability to appeal the rejection. To do this please contact us, and also we will help you re-apply with a strong application (if you choose to re-apply rather than appeal your France visa from Kuwait). 

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